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John Caisley says: This State Government policy of starving TAFE of funding is just SO short sighted. We need properly trained tradespeople for our future, not poorly trained ones thanks to the primary profit motive of "private training" organisations and the stripping of TAFE's ability to function effectively.
Paul Soares says: I had intended to leave my current occupation in 18 months time to work with my son who is an electrician. I have been accumulating the necessary trade units for the electrical trades course, averaging in the high 90's at TAFE. I have about half my trade theory completed. I am gaining the appropriate industry experience pro bono with my son at weekends and after work. Now , with Smart and Skilled, I am not allowed to do any trade units because I am not an apprentice. How is that Smart or Skilled. I have scored the top marks in almost every course so far (by a significant margin in many courses) , so how would being an apprentice help me? Many cannot interpret the significanceeven the most basic reading on a meter - a truly awful reflection on the on job training provided by some employers. I suspect that NECA is pushing both the apprentice (Read cheap labour) and the reduction in the difficult calculation section of the course (dumbing down to Cert II as opposed Cert III - again read cheaper labour for NECA members) The training provided by the staff at TAFE has been exceptional. They are professional, diligent and push a very high standard. They deserve far, far better than the trashing they being served up by the TAFE hierarchy. This government policy should be renamed "Dumb and Dumber" or perhaps "Dumb as Doggie Do"
Richard Benfatto says: We must fight to avoid this institution being destroyed.
martin poole says: TAFE is the only safe and reliable source of VET education in Australia. Stop the Shonky Private RTO's
Melisah Feeney says: I work with young people and they need this avenue to get a pathway into employment.
David Mankey says: I would like to support. "Stop Tafe Cuts" The future of young Apprentices is of utmost importance
Andrew Pastor says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
roger Little says: I am an old TAFE. Stunted please save our TAFE it is broken and we need it fixed
helen stephens says: Since the closure of the arts and media section at Goulburn Tafe students have been deprived of the opportunity to advance their skills and to forge and develop lasting friendships. That these departments, their facilities and materials are lying idle is a criminal waste of taxpayers money. Local highly regarded artists have lost valuable income as teachers in Tafe. No one has benefited from the closure of this section two years ago.
Leanne Meoli says: My daughter is doing a diploma in staging and events at Enmore design Centre, if these TAFE cuts go ahead the students are looking at a minimum of $12,000 for the year's course...this is ridiculous!!! almost a 600 percent increase...where have you ever heard of something going up by this much....You will either have the college closing down because this just wont be affordable or you will have everyone using vet fee help...surely this is not a good option for either party, the government waits years to get their money and the student pays an extra 20 percent. If Tafe cuts go ahead you are taking away education from those who can not afford uni or private colleges, this is just as ridiculous as if you took away public schools...what are the government thinking....if they want to save money why dont they look at some of the private colleges that are absolutely rorting the system... If this goes ahead you will ruin tafe and many young people's opportunity to affordable education!!! Education should not just be available to the wealthy. PLEASE STOP THE TAFE CUTS
Hannah Wright says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Noel Lipscombe says: Smart & Skilled is a badly flawed system and will cost many job opportunities in small business where the owners cannot afford the full training plus on costs of taking on apprentices.
Bruce Pearce says: Funding cuts are discriminating against Sydney Tafe, NSW, courses that have low enrolment numbers. Reduced teaching hours are now in place with possible deletion of long standing courses. Please reassess these funding measures at your earliest Regards, Bruce Pearce.
andrew markerink says: stop trying to destroy the education system that has provided high quality graduates for decades
Matthew Munn says: The cuts to funding for Tafe in NSW are short sighted and frankly stupid. Does the government want to educate people and become a better, richer nation or does it want to put education out of the reach of poor people?
Ross Robinson says: This policy will wipe out many courses and job opportunities , the "clever country" I don't think so.
Zoe Sotiri says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Adrian Hutchings says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Catherine Brown says: TAFE has been systematically destroyed by government policies that equate lowering training costs as the holy grail. As a result many courses that train people with skills required in the workforce are no longer offered or are offered at extortionate fees. Private providers are businesses whose main if not only, criteria is to make a profit. Tick and flick training is in the private sector is the result. Bring back affordable quality training. Stop the funding cuts to TAFE
Danielle says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Kristy Allan says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Stephen Wicks says: Ridiculous.
A. Sirianni says: It is the goverments responsiblity to provide post school opportunities for all regardless of their socio economic status.
Jasmina says: My husband stands to lose his 3/4 position possibly as soon as April when we are expecting our 6th child. It's already no picnic with his current wages but with no wage at all it is a huge cause for concern and will take away from the opportunities we should all be entitled to. Managers are retaining their positions and making redundant staff that also need a job to go to. A lot of politics. Not fair and a terrible place to withdraw funding from.
Paul Ryder says: With a young family of 4 I was trying to better my skills to earn a salary to try and break out of the low income bracket which I am now in. I studied Building surveying last year (2014) at approx. $1600-1700. I have recently found out to re enrol will now be $6800 a year taking into account my completed modules.. This I can not afford and I am now very confused about where I should be going from here..The new course fees are not within our means.
Aiyapan Mani says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Aaron Streatfeild says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Keita Tarlinton says: TAFE should be affordable and accessible to all, as all education should be. Stop the cuts.
Melissa Seymour says: If it wasn't for TAFE my brother would never have finished high school. The alternate pathway TAFE provides is vital for students who find their learning disrupted due to mental illness. Due to TAFE my brother could focus on getting healthy and know he still had a pathway to university.
jessie wotton says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Jefrey says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Kirt Protacio says: I love learning at TAFE, it's just such a shame that I may lose the chance to continue studying with them due to government funding cuts.
Shaoming Du says: Government should not give funding to private colleges that provide poor quality services to students. They are just selling qualifications.
Spiro Aretoulis says: Hands off our TAFE,please!
Kathy says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Jess says: TAFE NSW provides quality vocational educational to all and doesn't need to resort to tempting people with ipads. Vote for a govt that will fund TAFE NSW colleges before its too late!
Anne Skinner says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Jessica white says: Skilled people are the backbone for Australia's future. It's so important that education is accessible to anyone who wishes to learn and better our future Australia. Why would we hinder that? Have we forgotten about our future?
Graeme Bampton says: Australia needs its' community educated for economic advancement and general well-being of the nation and its' individuals. As the State reaps the benefit of a skilled workforce, it should contribute by continuing to provide an affordable and competent TAFE.
Mary Attard says: I am disgusted. My son's fees have gone up, I can't get any of the teachers to return my call and when my son asked if he could turn up at night to do catch up work he was advised not to because he wouldn't be able to get the support.
Mark Condon says: Stop TAFE cuts, allow people to re-train and get back into the workforce.
Colin says: The Tafe carparks are empty this is a clear indication that everything the Liberal government has done has gutted tafe and only the people who can least afford will suffer and the job losses for tafe staff is clear. This is supposed to affordable education for the masses and is now creating a fixed lower class with no chance of moving up
Suzanne Glover says: I know we need to economise is some areas to ensure continuity of services, But Education should not be included. Without easy access to education via TAFE, Australia will have a lot less skilled workers. A lot of TAFE users are workers trying to increase skills and knowledge to further career prospects. It fits with parents trying to juggle work, family life as well as study. It should remain. STOP the cuts!
Jenny Howarth says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Simon Briggs says: TAFE is good. Y u no fund govnah? Love is the ULTIMATE reason for ideocyncratic, spontaneous molecules of altruism. Oxytocin is one helluva chemical. Makes me puke chromatic spectrum timeless photons , red long wavelengths of electromagnetism IN YOUR BRAIN! Neurons firing in the parietal lobe give me FEELS of the century. Red cones Green cones and blue cooooones. Hahaha. Give tafe money so people aren't dumb IDiots without skills to pay the bills!
Patricia Hansen says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Caroline Lorbach says: My 3rd child has just started TAFE and now has a $9000 debt for a 1.5yr part time course!!! If we want to remain one of the clever countries cuts to TAFE have to stop!!!!
Talarnah says: We must recognise the importance of TAFE!!!!
Heidi Pitman says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Philip Maddox says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Naomi says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
david east says: Funding cuts to the apprentice are putting their life and the people around them in danger. Like the deaths in the insulation industry, which were directly related to a lack of adequate training and supervision of the less experienced, our young apprentices are being put at risk through no fault of their own by a short sighted cost saving measure. This begs the question "what is the valve we, as a society, place on our young peoples lives." I feel we are going backwards and my hope is that we don't need to have a fatality in order to change the minds of the decision makers. Please let common sense prevail.
Kerry Meek says: I have enjoyed many wonderful years at TAFE and I think its a shame that now you have be a miliionaire to study. Pay attention and listen to the people Mr Abbott!!
Tegan Panozzo says: The base of all trade training and development needs to be supported, not harmed. Office jobs cannot make the world turn on their own - trade based jobs are the backbone of communities.
Steve Green says: I created a photographic company after completing a TAFE course in the 80s. Cutting TAFE will ruin opportunities for our youth. How short sighted can these politicians be? This issue will affect the way I vote.
Deborah Gillham says: My career change has been shattered this year. I am a single parent, recently unemployed and trying to retrain myself. A Cert III in Floristry is going to cost me $8200!!!! No concessions whatsoever because i hold a higher qualification in graphic design (20 years ago). How is our Lucky Country going to thrive and prosper if a government won't educate it's people!!! I am SO disgusted.
Joshua Elengikal says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Olivia says: STOP TAFE CUTS..people who actually need it are suffering.
Geoff Woodward says: Education is a government responsibility and free and fair education for all Australian is what our forefathers fought for and has been the envy of the rest of the world! Most of our politicians gained a free degree. Make our politicians face their responsibility and provide more money for education at all levels and for the future of Australians.
Joy Siamoa says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
ron harper says: The Libfails are destroying trade careers all for subsidising the high end of town
Lea Martin says: Diabolical idea designed to dumb down and rob those in need.
Bernadine Pegg says: I have a Diploma already, but that was 11 years ago. Now as a single Mother to 3 children, on who has Autism, I wish to retrain to increase job prospects and for satisfaction too. Show my children you are never to old to learn. ...or are you? Now, under current system of TAFE funding and course criteria, I have to pay $17-$24k to do another Diploma as it isn't seen as up-skilling! Well it is. It is a pathway to a degree which I don't have the confidence or time to commit to just yet but aim to in the future. Lessening my future need for Family Tax benefits, and lessoning my children's need for Centrelink assistance also as I will be in a better financial place to support them in their future lives. I am NOT some serial Diploma seeker expecting others to folk out for my quest for Knowledge, rather simply seeking a better future for myself and my family, and in turn relying on a 'System' less. Can i because i dont have a spare $20k!! Fee Help doesn't help when I have to pay $5k back at Tax time that I don't have due to the earnings I have now and all my kids expenses.
David Paul says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Naomi says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Gloria Koutulakis says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Jaikumar chari says: save TAFE....a big part of our society in upskilling our young and the disadvantaged learners.
Loraine says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Caroline Stone says: The new laws if you have done a crrt 3 or 4 u must do a higher course means gaps in your education cannot be filled. Eg a cert 4 in multimedia does not mean you can use illustrator Or dreamweaver or advanced photoshop eg making movies in it. So instead of fine tuning and honing your skills you end up part trained not fully trained.
orla mcilveen says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Peter Wilson says: It's time our politicians were held accountable, not just voted out but held fully accountable for the decisions they make that negatively impact constituents and lines the pockets of the private sector.
Andrea Olieric says: I teach in a very low socio-economic area and for many of our students TAFE will be the only opportunity they have to enter into tertiary education. Universities do not suit people looking to enter into trades etc. Stop TAFE Cuts!!!
Carol Drake says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Mentie KNOWLES says: It is critical that funding be maintained for TAFE students. Cutting funds is no good for the institution, its students, or our nation.
Liz Henigan says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Eva Jansen says: Being a new immigrant I have just completed a TAFE course. The teaching staff and the college were excellent. It would be a shame if other new immigrants could not enjoy this excellent service and introduction into an authentic Australian system. The fees were also far more reasonable than most private colleges.
Lani Sentinella says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Brad Ryan says: Think about our country's future
Andrew Cassidy says: give our kids training in trades to help the country, stop the TAFE cuts.
Pixie says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Shannon says: I've been given the chance to go back to university through the TPC course. Subject times have been reduced from 6 hours to under 4 hours. I hope that this won't cause a reduced UAI, because I really want to get into my desired university course.
Kalya Hugen says: I think the TAFE cuts are ridiculous as it's forcing all courses to up their prices. As a result, only the rich will be able to afford an education and that is just absurd. STOP TAFE CUTS!
Julian Dalla-Palma says: Hey Guys, Just wondering if there was someone we could get in contact with to get direct information about the impacts that the Tafe cuts, as we are trying to put together a student documentary for Tafe. If there was someone in the Sydney metro area we could interview in regards to the "Stop Tafe Cuts" committee, this would be greatly appreciated. Kind Regards Julian Dalla-Palma
Craig Ellis says: Not surprised, If these conservatives stay in power to much longer we won’t own anything. TAFE's were meant to provide an alternative to university for people that couldn’t or didn’t want to follow that path the ability to advance themselves through the TAFE system at an affordable cost. Get used to it as this is only the start.
Natalie Finch says: I cannot afford to attend my TAFE course this year due to the cuts and fee changes! I'm disappointed for myself and the hundreds of others who are in the same position, unemployed and unable to further their education or employed and unable to further their careers. It's a disaster waiting to happen when it comes to growth and job shortages PEOPLE WON'T BE QUALIFIED!!! FIX IT! Do something positive for the community.
Vicki Johnston says: I am a TAFE teacher and have TAFE qualifications and believe it is a hugely valuable system and needs to be widely accessible
Ainslie Pasqual says: Today (and this week) I learned how bad the Smart and Skilled was.
Tthelma Lynch says: How can we get more brochures to hand out in Hornsby Shopping Mall on February 7? We used most of our supply outside Hornsby TAFE on Tuesday. I am the Campaign Manager for the State Seat of Hornsby for the ALP.
Trevor Randall says: If it wasn't for TAFE courses I wouldn't be where I am today.
Greg Deards says: We need people to build & repair things.......Practical people (TAFE educated) As well as people who theorise & design things (Uni people).....
mays says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Belal Ali says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Polly Ng says: TAFE is an important part of Australian education and training, it provides opportunities for those that are not able to access university courses. It should stay an integral part of our education system and funding is important to keep it accessible to those in need.
Iru says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Karine says: This is ridiculous. Stop the TAFE cuts!
Anna says: We need tafe for those children who wish to do trades.. Stop the TAFE cuts!
Petra Stevens says: TAFE is NOT for sale
Scott Davis says: Are they trying deliberately to kill the trades?
Leona says: Stop the TAFE cuts!

TAFE institutions around Australia are struggling under the impact of state budget cuts, and underfunding.

Courses are being cut, student fees have risen, campuses are closing and teachers are losing their jobs.

Communities across the country are rallying to support their highly regarded, world-class TAFE system.


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