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Stephanie Ross says: i just completed my certificate 2 in automotive mechanics today! I'm so glad I decided to go through with it and complete it even though I was the only girl in my TAFE class. The teachers were great even though I was the only female. I was never treated different and they helped me to complete my course! STOP TAFE CUTS SO MORE PEOPLE CAN GET THE OPPORTUNITY TO COMPLETE A COURSE JUST LIKE I GOT TOO!
M Edwards says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Susan Kidd says: I disagree strongly with proposed cuts to TAFE EDUCATION especially part time teachers.
Annette Guterres says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Vanessa Jaconelli says: How can the Government justify their cuts to TAFE Education. TAFE provides valuable education to assist people entering the workforce.
Shazza says: Good teachers. Family here. Studies to help employment.
Warren Marshall says: Stop TAFE Cuts
Lillie. says: Supportive environment. Recommend to others. Made friends. Further studies.
Fleur. says: Close to home. Choice of courses. Delivery of content. Mix of students/teachers - exposed to lots.
Machi. says: My studies have been supported. I would recommend to friends. Teacher recommended Coffs Harbour.
Yang-Yang. says: Choice of majors. Recommend to friends English practice.
Madeline Gooch says: Stop TAFE cuts!!!!!
Amelia Bruce says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Kerrie McGuire says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Rebecca Beeky says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
John Walker says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Carmel Chapman says: TAFE is a good thing for all people.
Tiffany says: Teachers do way too many hours for what they get.
Bronwyn Hevern says: I have almost finished my Tafe course Cert IV in leisure and Health. It has been a wonderful experience and l have got my first job in 18 years because of the great teaching at Tafe. Thanks.
Darcy Morrow says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Gerard Margetson says: We can't build our economy if we aren't interested in training and investing in people
Angelina Mc Rae says: What madness to cut TAFE funding. This will severely disadvantage people especially those trying to make a better life for themselves. TAFE has been a pathway for the less privileged amongst to make a decent living. Already there is a trades shortage with the ridiculous wages apprentices are supposed to live on. Wake up Australia...that's the sound of your country going down the toilet. Thanks for depressing us yet again LNP.
Anthony Tomasian says: I currently do cert 3 in Fitness and this year is costed me 400 dollars to do that course,from next year it will be 4000 grand, that's a joke.I wanted to do diploma,currently 800 dollars but from next year 7000 grand and l cant afford that, The state government are increasing the costs of courses by 100 percent,what a joke.TFE was made so you could afford to go to school but thanks to the liberal party,they are making it only for the rich.
shaila says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
louise carstens says: Congratulations to the Govt for removing an affordable accessible educational option, increasing an already highly leveraged population with debt, and effectively introducing another tax at the threshold, as well as decreasing the quality of life with increased living expenses as compared to wages on completion, especially as opportunities may decrease in the future if international workers are further accommodated and unemployment rates increase. The cost of the courses are ridiculous in relation length of course and days per week, credit recieved by university degree. Eg if credit is one year for uni degree that should at least capp the tafe fee ap applicable. I myself have enjoyed many courses at tafe, and is preferable to uni, but not in terms of the acceptance for qualifications in the workplace. This needs to be strongly reconsidered. I WILL NOT be voting for the current government based on the decisions made so far and the fact much thought and reconsideration has to be made to get my children educated and into the workforce.
Dick Sanders says: Education is the backbone of the nation. Cut that amount from the enormous annual handout to Indonesia instead.
Deborah Colette Shadbolt says: Keep TAFE going. TAFE cuts only increase & reinforce inequality That's not good for anyone.
Dail Neville says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Helen Bailey says: I think what is happening with the TAFE cuts is dreadful. If you cut the funds so much they will not employ good qualified teachers to run courses. Then we will be having students finish unqualified and unemployable. What is the purpose of that. Or there will be limited places in TAFE due to limited staff. Then lots of good young people will miss out on a career and a purpose in life. Please re think this it is for the benefit of all our kids.
Debbie Yates says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Nanda says: I will do anything to stop education cuts. They are a defamation of everything that is great about Australia.
mia westbrook says: Disgusting abuse of more educational facilities and fnding. what does our future look like? not promising at all.
Belinda Kotevski says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Nate D says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Olivia Bormann says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Wayne Bland says: Further TAFE cuts will make it more difficult for people to obtain suitable qualifications for employment. It is very short term thinking and lacks the vision of investing in our most valuable resource - people.
Kerri-rose Spek says: Because of TAFE cuts, most people I know can no longer afford to do the courses they need for employment, or they are going to be thousands of dollars in debt at the age of 18
Maureen Searson says: I have been able to enter university as a mature age student due to a Tafe 'Learning and Teaching' course that I did. In regional areas Tafe courses are a vital bridge into university for many students. Cutting funding for Tafe is ideological and makes no sense. If the Baird government claims to care about people being employed they need to demonstrate this with ongoing funding.
Rebecca McLerie says: Stop TAFE cuts before it becomes school cuts!
Jessica Chan says: Reduced funding means TAFE is no longer easily accessible to the most disadvantaged populations.
Caroline Austin says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Lesley Dillon says: Stop the TAFE cuts. TAFE is an affordable and quality education for those of us who don't want to go to University.
Jackie Roberts says: Tafensw is great
Debra Austin says: The Diploma of Photo Imaging course (Qld) that I paid $1600 for in 2008 is now $16000. Government subsidies are all but gone. Kevin Rudd warned of this pre-election and spoke of taking TAFE away from the states and back to federal control. You'd think mainstream Australia would understand that education is the key to liberate people from poverty. I know of intellectually handicapped young adults with assorted disabilities including autism who have had to withdraw from studies at TAFE because their parents can't afford it. A friend's 18 year old son is enrolled in a literacy and numeracy course that was free last year. It now costs $2500. So how do I afford a $16000 course? Ah yes.... the offer of VET FEE HELP... As well as repaying the $16000, there is a 20% loan fee, so the $16,000 course is now $19,200 indexed by the ATO @ CPI. The course has also been squeezed into 12 months. It used to be a 2 year program. How can you do 15 units per semester? That's 15 subjects in 10/11 weeks. INSANE. To make matters worse, they are now 'trialling' VET FEE HELP at Certificate IV level because obviously ordinary people can't afford the courses. Grand isn't it! 15 and 16 year olds wearing debt! HOW CAN THIS BE LEGAL? Not all kids come through the school system with a decent OP. TAFE IS SUPPOSED TO BE AN EDUCATIONAL PATHWAY basically an extension of high school. It's not university and will never have the prestige of a bachelor's degree. Bring TAFE back to what it is PLEASE - technical and further education. A medium for anyone to study photography, cooking, floral art, business courses etc. What's wrong with the LNP?????
Edward Bing says: Stop TAFE Cuts
Lincoln Miller says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Jean-Claude Seedoyal says: This is a disgrace. How dare the government even consider cutting TAFE. If it wasn't for TAFE, I wouldn't have been been able to go to uni or even be prepared for the real world. While I'm now planning to be a teacher, TAFE is the best alternative for those who want to go to uni later on. The government shouldn't take this option away in order to satisfy their own monetary needs.
Sara McIntyre says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Judith Baker says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Mark D says: If the NSW govt is serious about 'breaking the cycle of disadvantage' (NSW 2020 State Plan), a functional and accessible TAFE system is integral and essential to this.
Jason says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
ROBYNE COUTTS says: Shame on the government for the cuts to this most valuable learning facility. It takes us back decades in making quality education only available to those who have access to financial assistance.
Maura Stanley says: TAFE a central feature of the education fabric of this town. Many students continue to live here after receiving qualifications, and it is they who are the lifeblood of this thriving town.
Sharon Murphy says: My husband is disabled. He joined TAFE for two reasons- to have some form of social life and to learn a new skill. He completed a basic computer course and wanted to attend a more advanced course the following year. This course had limited access, availability and times which were unsuitable. He no longer attends TAFE. My son is enrolled in an information technology course. I am concerned that reduced funding, resources and courses will affect his outcomes. We need education for all - not some!
Ashley Manney says: TAFE is the most accessible platform for adult learning in Australia. How can we expect Australia to move forward if we are denied the opportunity to learn?
Dr Marius Oshea says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
David & Ros Gray says: This service is very worthwhile and adds a major contribution to the education of the population, especially the youth, of our country.
Belinda Robertson says: These cuts HAVE to be stopped. Education is being dumbed down so fiercely that this country will have no young people to call on to keep it in good shape!
Elliot Harvey says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Raylene Lehto says: Giving people pathways to educating themselves is very important. TAFE teachers are people who are passionate about their given craft. People need people.
Nathan Gardner says: $12000 for a year of TAFE study to finish my Surveying Diploma is ridiculous!!!!!!!! STOP THE TAFE CUTS! EDUCATION NEEDS TO BE AFFORDABLE TO SECURE THE INTELLIGENCE AND PROGRESSION OF AUSTRALIA!!!!
Steve Howes says: For my grandchildren in a few years time what will be left of TAFE? For young people in rural areas what courses will be still be available when training is offered only by private providers chasing profit?
Bronwyn Morris says: Practical, equitable and affordable learning- no wonder they want to destroy it!!!
Priscilla Smith says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Emilie Stephenson says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
rae says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Doug Briggs says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Lam Do says: TAFE is the best place to learn, teachers teach the way we should learnt. Not like RTO you paid and buy your qualification.
R. Moodie says: Having completed my trade certificate and post trade courses at St George TAFE Kogarah, my obligations to this college and the teachers is paramount. This training set me on the path of becoming a very successful businessman in the field of engineering. To close or reduce services that can be obtained from TAF would be counterproductive to any future student.
Dharmendra Gharia says: For brighter future of Australia, STOP the TAFE CUTS
Tina Efthimiadis says: Please stop the cuts. We need NSW to be well educated.
Lochrie Beard says: Stop cuttingTAFE funds people are relying on TAFE for education there is no need to cut tertiary funds
Samantha Kyle says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Tim Williams says: TAFE is close to my heart. It gave me world class training at a affordable price. It's sad we have lost so many good courses and fees have become unaffordable in the last few years.
Kevin Bessell says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Shane taylor says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Reza Momen says: Please please stop TAFE cuts. This is all we have.
Liz says: TAFE continues to be attacked by governments channelling more and more "public" funds to "for-profit", private providers, further undermining TAFE's ability to provide "public" VET education. Stop the cuts.
Vicki Vance says: TAFE should be affordable to everyone. It should allow people to train for a career change to be able to address job shortages in their current vocation and not penalise people willing to extend their skills base.
Joseph P Vella says: STOP TAFE CUTS
jimmy lusinovski says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Bill Thomas says: Blue Mountains Greens will give high priority to "Stop TAFE Cuts" at next year's state election. We would like to meet Federation members to learn about the particular concerns of TAFE teachers and students in the Blue Mountains area. Could you please either give me a contact in this area or pass this message on to them. Thank you, Bill Thomas for Blue Mountains Greens State Campaign Committee.
Tim Morrison says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Sophie Habib says: STOP TAFE CUTS, pleaseeee it is very hard to find a job, which will mean extra hard to pay for education!
Leah Richardson says: TAFE is too important for the future of our society to cut funding, it is the main source of skilled labour and workforce training in the country !!! what is the govt thinking ?????
Magenta says: TAFE gives so many the opportunity to further their education, it has meant so much to both my pupils and i to come to TAFE and follow our passion, we want to be able to go out into the workforce following what we have a passion for. For some of my pupils this is not the first time they have trained to enter the workfoce and it simply isn't feasible for them to continue on if the fees rise! This is only leaving them redundant and unproductive, this does NOTHING for our industry. It just isn't fair!
Judith Manning says: TAFE worked well in the past over the years and is an Australian way of alternative study to university. Stop following the American way of privatisation as it produces second class citizens without a future. I was very grateful for the education I received at TAFE.
Carol X says: Both Federal and State Governments are too interested in material assets than investing in our country's youth. The spending on refugees is way out of proportion to the rest of the population. No wonder Australia is in such a financial crisis!
Martin Chessell says: I have a healthy obsession in TAFE learning, so many applied courses.
Symone chill says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Jessie Edwards says: The current tafe system is extremely beneficial to students who have recently completed their HSC. it provides opportunities to explore potential careers at affordable and accessible methods. STOP TAFE CUTS
Colin says: Give all kids a chance.
jenco luc dogir says: now that I have a disability due to an injury at work and due to wide cut to my conpensation and loss of work I don,t know how l am going to cope to tafe subsidies mainly in occupation reskilling that is wothwhile to access those competencies that are required in todays employment. therefore those most fruitful tuition are drained away from tafe its teachers and their students is not fair and honest to the face of all.
Nicholas Higgins says: TAFE will be the system that provides the training for workers who will rebuild this country. We NEED a commonwealth managed TAFE. NOT a privatised one. Teaching and Learning should be the motivators, not money.
Eloise Sykes says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Paul Watson says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Janette Mattey says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Carolyn Court says: If the government seriously wants to reduce unemployment...................Do they?
Thomas Archer says: Stop the TAFE cuts!

TAFE institutions around Australia are struggling under the impact of state budget cuts, and underfunding.

Courses are being cut, student fees have risen, campuses are closing and teachers are losing their jobs.

Communities across the country are rallying to support their highly regarded, world-class TAFE system.


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