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Georgine Clarsen says: Invest in TAFE education! Don’t cut!
Sahar Abdalla says: Stop TAFE Cuts Now!
Rachel O'Brian says: Stop TAFE Cuts Now!
Andrew Trigg says: Stop TAFE Cuts Now!
Mona Panlee says: Stop TAFE Cuts Now!
Sarah Barker says: Stop TAFE Cuts Now!
Judy Barnes says: TAFE is important to education!! Stop TAFE cuts!
Sue says: Complete agree to support STOP TAFE CUTS.
Natalie says: Stop TAFE Cuts Now!
lynne csorba says: Stop TAFE Cuts Now!
Solomon Le-Masurier says: Stop TAFE Cuts Now!
Tung Hoang says: Stop TAFE Cuts!
Elizabeth Harrison says: I am deeply concerned about the cuts to tafe funding in recent years-making access to tafe courses very difficult for those students wishing to pursue a technical or apprenticeship path. and making it harder for those people to gain education in order for them to be employable in the area of their choosing . Thus making the gap between the "haves" and "have nots" greater
Blake Parker says: Stop TAFE Cuts Now!
Paige Truong says: Stop TAFE Cuts Now!
Jennie Pichler says: Fund our future!
Taaryn Wright says: I have gone to TAFE BUT had to stop before completely the course due to personal reasons. I am going to go back to complete my course
Larissa says: Stop TAFE cuts
Michael Yates says: Stop TAFE Cuts!
Kylie Dufty says: Stop TAFE Cuts Now!
Christopher Kenna says: TAFE around Australia provides vital learning and skills opportunities for all - Stop TAFE Cuts!
Josh Pearce says: stop Tafe cuts
Sylvie says: Stop TAFE Cuts!
Brett Davies says: Stop TAFE Cuts!
Iskra Spencer says: Make quality training and education available to all Australians
Jack Colpo says: Stop TAFE Cuts Now!
Kelly Rooney says: Stop TAFE cuts!
Jessica Tilley says: Stop TAFE Cuts Now!
Renee Winter says: Stop TAFE Cuts Now!
Helen Wood says: Stop TAFE Cuts Now!
sandra webster says: I've gone on to two successful careers post TAFE in publishing and TV - it was TAFE that gave me the right grounding and confidence to launch myself, it offers hands on experience that the universities can't provide - please save our TAFE system for future students
Amber says: Stop TAFE Cuts Now!
Julie Wright says: As I former employee I was devastated to watch the destruction of this once dynamic and worthy institution as its ability to offer what is needed in the area of quality education dismantled.
Mustafa Salehi says: Stop TAFE Cuts Now!
Erin says: Stop TAFE Cuts Now!
Daniel McHugh says: STOP TAFE CUTS!
Monica Summers says: It’s not only about funding TAFE correctly. It’s about supporting teachers do they can do their job properly, and providing sufficient administrative support for teaching sections. Teachers are the greatest resource in TAFE, and that is being forgotten in an organisation top heavy with managerial staff from financial, legal, auditing and business backgrounds.
Daniel McHugh says: For too long Tafe NSW has been poorly neglected. On a campus I teach at 60% of the classrooms air conditioners do not operate. No wonder Liberals are so proud of a budget surplus, because they don't spend it where its needed. So many of my colleagues have been sqeezed out of Tafe. In fact over 3000 staff. That is disgraceful. What impact has this had on the overall economy. I am so tired of managers in any organisation being paid hundreds of thousands of dollars and even million s of dollars and their first fix is job cuts. I am really over the mis-management of politicians and TAFE managers. The 2 majors parties will not get my vote. You will be micro managed by an independent as far as I am concerned.
Karen Johnston says: Stop TAFE Cuts now!
Holly Bouveng says: Stop TAFE Cuts Now!
Mark Sloane says: I will vote for an industry based quality end product over quantity any day.
Cassandra Middleton says: Stop TAFE cuts!
Stuart ireland says: Stop TAFE Cuts!
Katerina Rubbo says: Unprecedented cuts of budget for TAFE system left teachers without jobs and students unable to continue to study due to financial pressures. TAFE system should be subsidized by the Government to help young people to get on their feet and migrants to study English to fit in the society.
Alice Messerer says: Stop TAFE cuts!
caroline favory says: Please stop TAFE cuts!!
Deanne Dawson says: Stop TAFE Cuts Now!
Laura Worland says: Stop TAFE Cuts Now!
Scott O'Connell says: Stop TAFE Cuts!
Heather Cleary says: Stop TAFE Cuts Now!

Our TAFE manifesto is a blueprint which outlines a path to fixing Australia's TAFE system.

Here are some easy ways you can get involved and help the Stop TAFE Cuts campaign


Download a guarantee funding poster and ask your local MP to sign it. Take a photo and upload it to our gallery.

2. Be social!

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4. Take a photo

Download some Stop TAFE Cuts signs and get supporters at your TAFE to be in a photo at your campus. Like supporters at My TAFE

What can TAFE expect from the Federal Government?

What can TAFE expect from the Federal Government?

The Morrison Government was silent on its policy for TAFE during the election campaign and there was no mention of TAFE in the Federal Budget revealed just prior to the election. Jonathan Guy, AEU Strategic Research Officer looks at the future for TAFE under a Morrison Government in the light of the Joyce Review.

TVET, capabilities and social justice

TVET, capabilities and social justice

TVET institutions are institutions and not providers. There is a big difference between the two. The notion of a provider implies one among many, and it doesn’t much matter if it is this or that provider which is providing the ‘service’. Providers come and go, and wax and wane in response to market demand.

TAFE saved my life

TAFE saved my life

There are many pathways to university study, but Sue Leech’s story is different to most -she started her academic life behind bars. "Going into prison you feel like your life is over." Leech told this year’s AEU Federal Conference. "You feel like you have no future and there is nothing you can do to change course."