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Omid Hamlehdar says: STOP the TAFE Cuts, TAFE helps us, helps our community, stop harming our community. We have to pay more if TAFE cuts!!!
Julie peters says: Let's make tafe equitable to all ensuring realistic resources
Glenn Watson says: didn't vote for this
Tingjian Wu says: Public education belongs to the community,and should not be for sale or for profit.Save ours local TAFE,it belongs to us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Adrian CERDA says: We need TAFE to give all Queenslanders a chance at a successful future.
johanne dolling says: Hi I want to help stop the TAFE cuts I have been doing Outreach TAFe at Gosford this year. We have been informed no more free courses only for Aboriginal, Disability & Newstart people. Most of the class is aged pensioner or women trying to get back into the workforce. Now they will have to pay $1400 for a semester course. To me this is discrimination against them. The government want people to be Computer Wise, but seniors didn't go to school like that. Also it is a good learning environment for people who want to learn, there is also the social aspect for individuals. I can understand paying but not from nothing to $1400. The teachers at Gosford Outreach are great, always helping those who find it difficult with computer knowledge.
stanley weate says: why is the gov taking money away from tafe? tafe with its affordable courses helps people with developing new skills for work & reteaches old skills for the workplace so people are in less need of the 'hand up'. If tafe courses become more expensive to do it will mean less people are able to pay for the training that will help them get jobs which in turn means more people in need of the 'hand up' just to get by.
Peter Mandalidis says: As a diploma graduate from TAFE many years ago, I appreciate the career opportunities that I received from my training
Richard Bosman says: It' hard to produce quality education without funding, our future relies on a quality product.
Yvonne says: Stop TAFE cuts. It is a vital part of the community.
Brad Lynch says: STOP THE CUTS TO TAFE .We need Literacy and Numeracy skills
Beverley Mandalidis says: TAFE level education is a vital part of educating young people for a career, It is affordable and caters to a large group who need flexible time for attendance. Don't cut the courses or the dedicated teachers.
Ron Wade says: TAFE gave me another chance, an opportunity as a mature aged student. The scaling down of TAFE will disadvantage many genuine people in the community and that includes staffing as cut backs take place.
steve wadsworth says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Florence McKinley says: TAFE is invaluable to my disabled son. He spends two full days a weeks at TAFE. This is where he gains his Literacy and Numeracy skills. There are no trained teachers in other organisations. TAFE must remain open.
Stuart West says: Stop the Tafe Cuts and support such a vital part of our community and training.
Chris Blunt says: Education is something that regardless of government budget, always needs to be equitable and accessible to the public. This is putting off people in low socioeconomic conditions from becoming qualified. This rise in costs will see less students and a higher unemployment rate. And that's not something I want to see in this generation or the next!
Rohan Langford says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Emily Mitchell says: Education is the only thing that can't be taken away from someone. It is the most empowering tool there is. Education brings with it happiness and opportunity. TAFE education is quality education.
Lewis says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Sarah timbs says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Julia Austin says: STOP THIS NOW!!! My brother has a disability and it is all he has to look forward to each day. LEARNING!! STOP THE TAFE CUTS!!!
Lynette Singleton says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Lorraine Jenkinson says: I believe in equality and fairness in access to education is being eroded through cuts to TAFE funding.
Eddy Hearns says: Well Said Jeanne Smith! TAFE is fundamental to a skilled workforce and essential to many second chance learners.
Jeanny Nguyen says: As a new immigrant and accounting student of Tafe. I find Tafe is the first and best option for new immigrants to start their new life and reach their career's goal.
Simon says: Equity for people with disabilities. Each person deserves to be able to learn in an environment where teachers not carers are the educators. People with intellectual impairment are members of the learning community too! reinstate our courses please!
Naticia Thornton says: Stop TAFE cuts!! We complain that Australia isn't educated enough and the government keeps cutting budgets.
Teeya Blatt says: Stop TAFE cuts!
narelle marie says: This is a country in which everyone should have access to education. Everyone! And it's becoming increasing difficult. What's happening to us?
Jacqueline Sandeberg says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Nicoline Schor says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Brenten Hawkins says: This is ridiculous how they can do such a thing to our local community.
Rachelle Curtis says: STOP TAFE CUTS!!!!!!!!
brittany brown says: STOP TAFE CUTS!!!!
Brea Galinec says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Gordon Barnes says: TAFE has given opportunity to so many who have no other affordable place to start their career development. Cutting funding is to deny opportunity.
Brian Piper says: Stop the cuts. Look to the future
Janelle morrissey says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
noel urane says: STOP TAFE CUTS! Tafe needs more support to train and educate.
Amanda Boyce says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Andrea Northedge says: I am a design student at tafe and I am concerned I will not able to continue on with the diploma next year
Jeanne Smith says: TAFE is fundamental to a skilled workforce and essential to many second chance learners.
bronwyn watson says: TAFE is education for ALL people!
Madeleine Smith says: A vital resource, invaluable service
Claudia Richards says: TAFE cuts have to stop now and people must stop supporting these sub-standard private training organisations
Siba says: Stop tafe cuts
Annie Benzie says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Lydia Tumbilis says: As a past student of TAFE, from Cert 2 through to Assoc. Dip. I would like to think that others can follow this enable this to happen we need a strong and affordable TAFE system. STOP TAFE CUTS to enable affordable and highly valued education for VOCATION & FUTURE TECHNICIANS.
D Hawke says: Let's fight...Education should never be a business should be available for everyone.
Colleen Oates says: This current government is a disgrace, STOP ABBOTT, SAVE TAFE
Bea Davidson says: HANDS OFF TAFE!!! TAFE is sorely needed by the community, both adults and young people alike. There is so much that school both doesn't, cannot and will not cover that TAFE does, the more welcoming and inclusive learning environment included. University is not and should not be the only avenue to success, as traineeships and apprenticeships will attest. Stop the elitism, and preventing so many from gaining practical experience through vocational courses, academic skills and knowledge, without the university price tag.
Marie-Lee says: Stop TAFE cuts!
Luke Haber says: NO WAY, TAFE TO STAY
Stuart Hanna says: Stop the TAFE cuts
Ray Oates says: We need TAFE to ensure our young people are well trained for the workforce at an affordable price. Stop The Tafe Cuts!
WENDY says: Stop the cuts to TAFE! Too many courses are unavailable in Grafton. It has been gradually becoming downgraded with fewer choices for study. We are already disadvantaged by being a rural community as far as study options for our school leavers. Where will it end?
stephen.mason says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Adam Obeid says: Stop TAFE cuts!
Kathryn says: Abbott is killing off everything good in this country. The pain will be felt long after he has gone to a comfortable retirement.
judy cooney says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
sherree bond-carey says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Kate Hoffacker says: The future of our economy depends on the opportunity of education for All.
Brittany smith says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Geraldine Callan says: Stop the TAFE cuts and invest in a smart Australia!
Sally Lao says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Niven Williams says: Public education funding at all levels is an investment in the future. Low investment will low return. The state and federal Liberal governments must stop attacking TAFE and TAFE students.
Catherine Bouris says: I loved my TAFE course, and I met a variety of people through it, all of whom were hoping to turn it into a new start for themselves. TAFE provides a valuable service and practical courses that are more accessible to the majority of Australians than university or private colleges.
Vicki Findlay says: TAFE is an important part of education system that provides us with excellence in trades and also offers another education pathway for those who school did not work for. We need a quality publicly funded affordable TAFE system.
Natalie Fegan says: Cuts to my Disability Pension + increases in TAFE fees = I can't complete my course. Simple but sad math.
Hannah says: Stop tafe cuts!
Elizabeth Murray says: Tafe is essential. ..I put my hand up in support.
Muriel Kinson says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Raina Turner says: Stop the TAFE Cuts!
Tony Gubbins says: With youth unemployment at record levels, only arrogant, uncaring, out of touch politicians would stoop to such record lows!
Deborah Trevan-Catling says: For our society's sake we need access to second chance eduation otherwise we will be creating a world of haves vs havenots!
Isaac Smith says: The future of our country is at stake when you take opportunities away from people. Training, apprentices and skills development is getting harder under this unfair government!
Megan Hayward says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Monika Jelic says: Stop the tafe cuts!
Blake A Moore says: I have done three courses at TAFE and have a disability, these cuts will mean my children and others with a disability will not be able to afford to do further education.
Jennifer Ruming says: Not everyone can afford university nor wants to go there to further their education. Tradies need TAFE!!
Billie says: Continue to fund our TAFE! Lets keep giving Australians a Fair Go at affordable second chance education....
Jennifer Fahey says: Free Public education is a must for a successful Australian future
Ian Frost says: TAFE trains people for their next job; that may be an apprentice learning to be a tradesperson, it may be someone looking to advance themselves in their current employment, or another re-inventing their career choice to remain employable... NO TAFE = economic stagnation which benefits no-one, including employers. When TAFE is gone, who will give your children the skills to advance themselves?
jason says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Samantha says: In a middle class working family, I am lucky enough to afford to pay for my and my children's education, barely, but it's possible. But what makes me more entitled to an education and qualifications needed to get out there into the work place? Nothing. EVERYONE is entitled to an education, and T.A.F.E is that platform that offers equal access to education and training to everybody.
Jim O'Neill says: TAFE has been the place where all people have equal access to learn skills , from pastrycook to boilermakers , from gardening to I.T. , no matter what age no matter what skills chances are they are taught at T.A.F.E . Why wreck that?
Adam gates says: Stop cutting funding to education!! And shove your smart & skilled up your .... Give apprentices a fair go
Anne Finnane says: Keep tax payer funds for TAFE NSW public vocational education and training. Stop sending public funds to the pockets of private, for profit organisations. A no brainer - this is the way to ensure all people have access to the further education and training they want and need.
Craig Richardson says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Deb says: I am a 54 year old single woman trying to support myself by changing careers as I have not worked for several years. I am currently half way through a Cert IV course and need to defer to 2015 for personal reasons. I am unemployed and unable to afford to pay TAFE fees, if the fees go up how am I going to find a job and survive? The only jobs where I am in Coffs Harbour are in the welfare or aged care industries which is the area I am studying. What about me and thousands of others who are making efforts to suppport themselves financially and not rely on the government pittance to survive!? How irresponsible to cut funding to TAFE, how stupid and an abuse of power!? Stuff the people seems to be the attitude.
Joanne Collier says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Vivian carmen says: STOP THE TAFE CUTS
Bernadette says: Stop TAFE cuts I am single mother who is currently studying at TAFE and if this smart and skill comes in how am I meant to continue my studies at TAFE and others with centrelink benifit.
Crystel says: Stop the Tafe cuts don't bring in smart and skill it stupid and skill because no one will how to learn. The australian goverment wants us to be a smart country well leave our Tafe alone. We love how it is now. We don't like the smart and skill so stay away smart and skill. LEAVE OUR TAFE ALONE Leave it how it is been all this time because education has to be free. We love our Tafe and how it is.
Jenny McWilliam says: I have been a TAFE student on and off over the years. I can't imagine not being able to have the opportunity to continue TAFE education. STOP TAFE CUTS!!!!!
Luke says: Many young people like myself won't be able to afford to become educated for future careers if you make these cuts.
John fisher says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Sandra Wilson says: I think it is disgraceful what the Abbot government is doing
Colleen Carmody says: TAFE is worth fighting for as it gives people the skills they need for life.

TAFE institutions around Australia are struggling under the impact of state budget cuts, and underfunding.

Courses are being cut, student fees have risen, campuses are closing and teachers are losing their jobs.

Communities across the country are rallying to support their highly regarded, world-class TAFE system.


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