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Pam nolan says: Tafe, face to face, teaches and teaches well
James says: Joe Hockey told me to get a good job so that i can buy a house in Sydney?! Mopre like get a good job and be able to afford to upskill myself at TAFE!
Elanor Mitchell says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Mark Williamson says: TAFE always trained people on the practicalities of doing a job - theory with practical application - then Bob Hawke decided Australia will be the knowledge nation and everyone should have a university education - TAFE was snubbed and degrees were dumbed down - now a mess
Sharon Grainger says: You are destroying our education system - we do not want to be AMERICA!! stop these cuts
Abigail Sparks says: TAFE is crucial in regional and remote areas.
LESLEY WILLIAMSON says: TAFE plays a very important role in the education of students and workers and should not be subjected to the negative impacts of Smart and Skilled.
Vanessa Giordano says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Deane Ion says: The TAFE system has played a vital role in the Australian public education system for over 100 years. TAFE offers second chance education and serves the most marginalised and vulnerable members of our community, including those in our prisons. Research continues to show that the most effective means to reduce recidivism is the provision of quality adult education in prisons. Due to the slashing of funds in other states, TAFE NSW is the last bastion of quality, publicly funded, post-schools training and education in Australia. We must save TAFE.
Belinda Sanderson says: High school students are expected to stay at school until they are 17. Many thousands of students rely on TAFE to gain hands-on, job-worthy skills that would be useful to many employers through VET programs. Private companies are using tax payer money to provide TAFE style courses. The costs are too high for students to be expected to pay. STOP TAFE CUTS!
John Dunn says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Francis Scognamiglio says: A smart country places emphasis on ensuring anyone wishing to seek and education and / or a qualification to help them become more productive, tax paying citizens. A smart country ensures equity in accessing such education without the prospect of a heavy financial burden. A smart country acknowledges the importance of the role fully qualified and employed teachers make to the lives of millions of Australians everyday. A smart country cknowledges and puts policy and procedures in place to ensure sufficient funding is afforded to public education. A smart country does not privatise essential services, especially education. When did we stop being a smart country?!
Melissa Hogan says: Cuts to TAFE are cuts to the quality of our workforce and our greater future
Christie Burgess says: TAFE has provided so many skills for our workforce through public education funding - it gives people a chance to make a go of things, better themselves and their communities. Smart & Skilled is detrimental to the future of our workforce and our communities. We need to stop TAFE cuts! On a personal note, TAFE gave my mother the opportunity to gain vital skills in child care, admin & business - through the jobs she was able to get, she was able to inspire and help me in getting through school and moving on to university where I now work in public education and warn to continue giving to the next generation and inspire further learning. Funding cuts to TAFE effectively kill opportunities for people of low SES to "get good jobs" and follow their dreams. Stop cuts to TAFE!
Dylan Clift says: TAFE is a vital part of our education system. It must be properly funded.
dianne cowderoy says: TAFE is a priceless asset to all Australians. It is a terrible thing that TAFE funding has been slashed. Private colleges are not training our young people in the trades the way TAFE did. One day we will have a terrible shortage of tradies and we will only have the government to blame for not funding TAFE.
Mike Morgan says: TAFE is too important to the local community and as a source of high quality education to be lost from public free provision to be lost to a flawed "market" commodification.
Ajita Cannings says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Maggie says: I have two Diplomas, a Certificate 4, and have learnt more at TAFE in the two years than I have in my entire three year degree at university. The on hand, practical elements, and knowledge of teachers who have worked in the selected fields is what sets TAFE is what sets TAFE apart from other educational institutes. TAFE provides the framework of how industries and workplaces are run. It's a disservice to the future of, would be talented students. and phenomenal employees, and employers of Trade, Health Care, the Arts, Business and so much more. .
Mandy Ferguson says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
anne hur says: stop the TAFE cuts
LOUIS BELCOURT says: TAFE must be allowed to continue to provide relevant training and skills required to effectively meet the modern needs of industry and Business.
Daryl Gibson says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Denise McCallum says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Zuzana Zachar says: Not every student is a university candidate - we must have options for everyone!
Colin Waring says: I have trained individuals and groups across the electricity installation, supply and distribution sectors for 15 years. I have dealt with those who have attained skills through both private RTO's and TAFE. It is my opinion (based on observation, occupational performance and assessment) that the foundation and flexibility of knowledge instilled in TAFE participants is superior to private institutions and the corresponding quality and reliability of human resources reflect that standard. It is not reasonable to infer that all private RTO's are performing poorly, but the evidence proves that a majority are merely motivated to increase turnover of students with a very low standard of retained skills and knowledge for profitable outcomes. Safety systems and equipment durability are clearly compromised where people influencing and utilising such parameters cannot meet minimum standards of performance.
Roel Castillo says: We in healthcare value TAFE as a training organisation to provide skills and knowledge to cater to our human resource demands.
Belinda Dow says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
James m says: Tafe is crucial to this country, it should be funded by the government!
Lexie stephens says: Tafe is not a private RTO and should never be lumped in with these dodgy organisations and brought to their level. Education and vocational training is not a commodity to be provided to a client. Students are not clients or customers and teachers are not facilitators. They are teachers who provide valuable skills and knowledge to students. Education no training should never be commodified where the only measure is through quantity and dollars. Quality is something which is difficult to measure but the outcomes of good quality training and education is invaluable to society.
Christina Gavier says: TAFE is good for humanity
John Mester says: As a teacher who has worked in TAFE as well as for private "service providers" I know where the value to the community lies, and it isn't with the under-resourced tick-a-box schemes hatched by the fly-by-nights.
Amanda Armstrong says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
John Chesher says: Can a current TAFE employee make a submission?
James Shaw says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Shaquille Ray says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Mithra Cox says: I am writing because I am extremely concerned about the cuts to TAFE. I am currently studying for my Cert 3 in Conservation and Land Management through OTEN, which is absolutely fantastic. The reason I enrolled is because I have a young family and we couldn't afford housing in Sydney. I needed to retrain to find work outside Sydney (we moved late last year). As a result of my studies, I have already found casual work, which I hope will lead to something more permanent. It is so important to allow people to retrain and learn new skills throughout their working life. And it's also important that we as a society have enough skilled people to function. I am extremely worried that TAFE is being gutted, and the money is being given to dodgy private colleges who do very little teaching and just pocket the profits. I urge you to stop giving away money to these shonky operators. It's also really important for TAFE to be affordable to working class kids. Yours sincerely, Mithra Cox 7 High St Corrimal 2518
stephen hampson says: Many students coming back to TAFE after paying large amounts to private providers, receiving quals that Fair Trading don't recognise and receiving very little training. For profit training providers are rorting the system. Students have to pay more the second time round. This system is failing the people of NSW
lena green says: I would be very interested in viewing the submission page.
Ryan Robinson says: TAFE has been an immeasurably important institution in my life. I attended TAFE through a T-VET course while in high school, and again throughout my apprenticeship. The teaching staff were always more highly skilled and knowledgable than tradespeople I worked with. The quality of teaching and the education I received through TAFE cannot be matched by private providers, or on-the-job. As a tradesperson I noticed that apprentices that had started out with a private provider were clearly less advanced, and had far less training outside of the workplace than apprentices that attended TAFE from the beginning. There was also a higher drop-out rate among the former. The quality of TAFE has been developed over generations and there are many factors that contribute to its high standards. In no short way has secure and fairly remunerated employment for TAFE employees contributed to the higher standards TAFE is renowned for. This is not the case with private providers that rely heavily on precarious employment arrangements and cannot retain staff for long enough to develop the professional capital necessary for higher standards of teaching. Public funding of TAFE has ensured the institution has grown in conjunction with Australia's economy and changing industries while costs for students have been kept to a minimum. TAFE needs to be protected from policies like the Smart and Skilled initiative that seems to be dragging TAFE colleges down to the levels we expect from private providers. Failure to do so will have long term damaging effects on Australia's economy. With private providers unable or unwilling to match the quality of TAFE it is clear that, with a greater reliance on private providers for training, Australia's labour force in the future will be less productive, adaptive, and innovative.
tuan anh le says: stop the TAFE cut now !
Judy Collier says: TAFE is too good and important to lose. It gives first and second chances to many people. Keep TAFE un political! Keep it educational!!
Stephen Ainsworth says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Christine Burvill says: Great to see Labor making a commitment to the quality vocational training institution. Business and the community need TAFE to be strong.
Jackie Ross says: We need TAFE. The private sector will only provide education and training in geographic areas and qualifications where large profits can be made.
Esther Mier says: All Australians deserve a fair and equitable opportunity to further their education.
rohan paske says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Karen Heycox says: TAFE has always been a useful training ground for various trades and also a step towards further education for those in our community who are disadvantaged socially culturally is a basic right for members of any society...please support the vital role of TAFE in our community.
Oksana says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Michael Glass says: Of course TAFE must be protected. Private providers are not open to all, as TAFE is.
rosie says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Sook chen Kew says: We should keep TAFE going as so many kids benefited from it.
Francis Brown says: Never cut back on TAFE, Uni and school education
Robin Georgina Murray says: Keep TAFE affordable and available for everyone
terri Lawrence says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Peter Helm says: Governments should NOT mess about with people's education. Governments should NOT run education as a business - it is not! DO NOT CUT TAFE FUNDING - RESTORE IT!
Matthew Wyres says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Yasmin Bowers says: As a student at TAFE I'm experiencing the cuts first hand
ILEANA CLARKE says: If it wasn't for TAFE my career as a professional commercial artist, selling artist and teacher would never have happened. I started and continued to use TAFE at various times in my life since leaving school in 1967. TAFE helped me get a university degree. I have been able to keep teachers employed participate in community projects, contribute to the art projects and be employed in the arts, plus life long friendships.What about getting other people's stories that I know have contributed to Australia's economy from their TAFE education.
Mark Wyborn says: TAFE is a dynamic institution that has kept pace with modern society. Only the best are chosen or choose to work there. Would be a shame to see it go. Ask how many pollies and their families have used TAFE?
Michael Barker says: Cut backs make it very difficult for my daughter to afford training for her chosen career, so she will likely remain unemployed
Christine Leung says: Stop TAFE cuts
Gill Brazendale says: STOP TAFE Cuts!!
Peter V Buzacott says: Cutting back and increasing TAFE fees ludicrously is stupid, completely unfair and is embedding inequality in our society even further. Wake up before it is too late.
Pauline Condon says: We need TAFE to keep training up our kids as future skilled workers.
Louise Peach says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Rosemary Walters says: We have already lost some TAFE programs to Navitas and it is likely that they will erode our Canberra Institute of Technology more in the near future. There is nothing to stop them from then moving into our primary and secondary schools.
Paul Rowlands says: Cut the polititians conditions instead of cutting TAFE
Georgina Buzacott says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Mirdza Liepins says: We need to support young people transitioning from school to the workplace - TAFE is the place for this. Save TAFE! Stop cuts!
Cathleen Staats says: My TAFE education ensured I kept my job. The alternative it offers people who either cannot afford or are not suited to a university education is invaluable. More money needs to be injected into the system and away from private providers only in it for the money.
Elizabeth Lee says: Our local TAFE gave us access to learning which is often difficult in rural areas. It is now non-existent leaving a one and a half drive to the next nearest one. How can we encourage training to the unemployed when it is difficult to access?
Naomi Zouwer says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Brendan Harris says: Thousands of jobs lost. Private sector RTO's dominating the funding model. Teaching no longer the priority. Stop the rot.
Diane townley says: In order to build our future economy we need a well trained workforce. Our young people are our greatest assets. They need a high quality TAFE system. TAFE has suffered enough from the shortsighted and ideologically driven decisions of government. It is time to stop the cuts and restore funding to this sector. Private providers are motivated by profit and the goal of education should be to develop our communal human capital. Young people deserve the best training system we can provide.
Fiona Scully says: $1000 for a 162hr Cert II, an unbelievable $10,660 for a Cert III. Seriously? Who with a qualification of just Cert II is earning enough to afford $10,660 for the next level of qualification?
Tahnee says: My TAFE is an utter dissapointment and things need to change. Now.
melinda says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Danni says: Stop the cuts!!!
kay Johnson says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Tom Gray says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
douglas greaves says: Stop cuts now
jackie harvey says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Andrew Grzona says: Put a stop to TAFE cuts now!
Daniel Gray says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Natalie Fava says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Sonia Hornery MP says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Samantha Kerr-Smiley says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
jenny ward says: sessional membership too expensive
Russell James says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Margo Macdonald says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Alice says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Julia Wu says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Veronica Rooney says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Jonathan Pipke says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Andrea Dawkins says: Stop the cuts and help educate our people..
Gayathri Emaneni says: I am sure when we look at the statistics, we can clearly say that TAFE has been the top most chosen educational system catering to a varied population. If you are making decisions, it might as well be for the sake and needs of the people of today who will be the leaders of tomorrow. And we have no right to leave a burden to the future generation. STOP the TAFE cuts!!!
Ben Poynting says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Ann Trickey says: Stop the TAFE cuts!

290_transparent_logoSTC.pngCommunities across the country are rallying to support their highly regarded, world- class TAFE system. 

TAFE institutions around Australia are struggling under the impact of state budget cuts, and underfunding.

Courses are being cut, student fees have risen, campuses are closing and teachers are losing their jobs.

Communities across the country are rallying to support their highly regarded, world-class TAFE system.


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