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Lyndell Hill says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
wen smith says: Do we want Australia to catch up with the global education standards or slip behind? I was embarrassed to see the lack of funds in our local TAFE and the over populated rooms of students. They need more funding..... not cuts!!
David McGrath says: Stop short term contracts. Give stability to tafe.
margo johnston says: Education which supports those in greatest need, such as our TAFE system - should be FREE for those with high needs and accessible for all. DO NOT PRIVATISE TO A SUBSTANDARD ALTERNATIVE!
Julie Leahy says: The lack of TAFE courses and options is creating a skills vacuum in this country. The substandard provision by private colleges and providers is becoming increasingly evident. Please bring back TAFE or this country will continue on a downward spiral of inequality of access to education.
shane watt says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Julia Hodgkinson says: please forward any blogs to my email address
Samindra Shrestha says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Helen Makrillos says: Education should be top priority. We should learn from many historical examples where lack of education eventually leads to terrible crimes in countries such as South Africa, Zimbabwe etc. Our education facilities should be appropriately funded and accessible to all. Without equal rights to education people with intellectual capabilities may miss out simply because they do not have the financial ability to support their education. Without education we are lost!
Kristene Maguire says: Private providers have shown time & time again to be shonky in so many ways. TAFE should be a most important part of our public education system, integrating with High Schools for career paths for pupils who do not want/have the ability to proceed to University & for mature age persons to update their skills. It should be a priority for support and funding by any government.
Joseph Stanton says: This joke of a system and what it's doing to TAFE is Apauling. When the Liberals tried to attack the univerty system they stood up against them and fended the Wolves off. Why is it the students of TAFE just lying down and taking this crap. The media are on the leberials side so their not going to help, that's why you don't hear about this on the news. Something needs to be done to get the word out that this smart and skilled reform is not ok. Smart and skilled, more like dumb and expensive.
Catriona Lamberton says: TAFE should be affordable for all!! The fee increases can make it prohibitive for some sections of the community to get back into education. How can people retrain or get back into the workforce if they can't afford to get the education they need.
fiona holmwood says: Vocational training and education is seen as the real destination for most youth with a disability, however with NSW government funding cuts to the Vocational Training Education (VET) system it will have detrimental impact of students transitioning from high school with a disability!
Katherine Brown says: We need more help for teens to be educated further - not less!!!
Jessica Edmonds says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Peter Bishop says: TAFE is the future of technical skills that we will need in the 21st Century. Its deconstruction is a shame on all those involved.
Louise Dawson says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Meike Davis says: The Graphic Design course has gone up from $1000 to $10,000. Really?? You have got to be joking !!
Amanda Conroy says: TAFE serves an important tertiary education role in our community. We need to act to stop further cuts.
Lynda ceffalia says: TAFE gave my daughter a great start in her carreer with dedicated and passionale teachers
Sangeeta Ballurkar says: Have studied at TAFE for many years. Fantastic system of education. ( Like no where else in the world) Please do not destroy it for short term cost savings. It has educated so many who are priced out of the education. Do not let Education become a commodity only available to those with money. Support the education system that is accessible to all
Dwaine Jones says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Shari Ward says: Our local TAFE does not have enough choices for our community, forcing people young & old to travel afar for education - please make a change for the better for our local people !!!
Gary John Lorenz says: Having TAFE cuts doesn't justify anything at all because it's very wrong. Any Australian TAFE System is both of our privilege & choice for anybody &/or TAFE Student not only to learn to get an education but also for training & geting experience for all TAFE Courses from any level or certificate or diploma & so on. Employers would love to see their NEW STAFF or other staff members from their work places to have some or any Australian TAFE College Qualification/s which may come in handy & be very benefitical for their field of work of whatever. To get a very good job these days in this day & age then TAFE anywhere all over Australia would be an option of choice/s for Training & Qaulification Opportunities for any job or employment & also may be very helpful for getting into (Uni) for any University Courses. Yes I am a very big supporter for TAFE for so many years ever since the very early 1980s. TAFE is the future NOT the past at all for everybody. Whoever is coming up with an idea of such political policy of TAFE cuts just for some pathetic excuse for the sake of saving money should be a shame of themselves & I really quite frankly is how do or even perhaps could they ever sleep at night to come with this ridiculous idea to have TAFE cuts in any Australian State & Territory. TAFE is & has always been part of daily lives for almost hundred years just about or even away slightly very less than that. I hope our Aussie TAFE System contiue to grow & flowerish for a lot more generations of both new & old students in so many years to come in the future. Without the TAFE System then we would have a lot more very less skilled or trained people & a lot more unemployment would increase very highly in Australia.TAFE is the go for any & all Ausralians & NON-Australian people & that is what diversity & multiculture is really all about whether you born in Australia or born overseas in another country having little of speaking or understanding the English Language then the TAFE System is for those people as well too.
Belinda McGann says: How can you take 1.7 billion out of TAFE and then claim that the institution is strong and has a key role in the future of education? It sounds more like a handicap than an advantage!
Tabinda Hussain says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Cate Fisher says: We are in the 21st Century, we must have all citizens as highly educated as possible otherwise we will miss out on future opportunities. An expensive TAFE stops a large percentage of citizens accessing education and damages Australias future economic prospects.
Dorothy Andrew says: Keep education affordable !!!
Kevin Boyce says: The backbone of vocational training run to industry standards of excellence is having its effectiveness stifled by funding cuts at a time when our workforce needs TAFE more than ever. One is left wondering why? If it is to encourage privatisation of this sector then the second question is how will those who need it most afford it? Has Australia forgotten that there are certain basic rights that form our civic duty?
Alison says: Who is empowering the less well off and underprivelaged.. cut the fees... employ more teachers.
Mounir El Ahmadieh says: Funding cuts and commercialisation lead to lower education standards.
Lynda Cannon says: PLEASE STOP TAFE CUTS !!!!
Robyn Corbett says: Our new student enrolment program is cumbersome and time consuming to use which is certainly not user friendly. It is almost the end of first term and most of our students are still not enrolled. I certainly would not use "smart & skilled" ...
Bernita Spiess says: We need TAFE now and in the future to be able to further develope our skills and our beautiful country!
Geethanjali karunakaran says: stop tafe cuts
Jo Underwood says: TAFE should be accessible to everybody. Stop the TAFE cuts!
Sharyn says: There are plenty of ways to get more money like cutting politicians pay a fraction to keep important and needed things like tafe rebates inplace
Darrell Colburt says: The privatisation Management style has DESTROYED TAFE NSW (This was amongst the best in the world)
Laura Mangham says: Hi, We're students from the university at Notre Dame on Broadway, for one of our assessments we have chosen to report/investigate on the current situation at NSW TAFE with the potential government cuts! We feel passionate about this issue and would love to get your thoughts/opinions on the matter! Would be much appreciated if we could come down and interview you guys - would not take a lot of your time! We just want to get to the heart of the issue! Many thanks Avril, Sherena and Laura
Angela Williams says: Public education is the backdrop to a viable democracy. Support our youth in an affordable education.
carleen o'connor says: i think it is disgusting that the government is charging such high fees for courses. The saying 'the future is our children' this will be no more if they are to leave school and pay such large fees to do courses to assist them to get jobs to become productive and pay taxes to the very government who are penalising them for wanting to excell themselves
Nicole Najjar says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Amy Burrows says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Subrina Rahman says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Greg Shaw says: Stop the TAFE cuts. We need these young people to learn the skills & to keep on building a stronger Australia.
rajrasiah says: Save our public education
phill wilson says: Lets invite the Politicians against TAFE to have a proper education in what really helps our communities learn. TAFE it used to be affordable.Don't dump Gonski.
Carlo Favetta says: If we want to be a clever country, education must be affordable. If we don't want a skills shortage of skilled tradepeople then education must be affordable. Don't shoot ourselves in the foot down the track for the sake of a short term saving. Keep education affordable for all!
Joe Weston says: Given that a lot of these RTOs seem to have no checking of the quality of their teachers or programs and that RTOs are only in it for the money, giving them access to taxpayer money must be a nice windfall for them.
Warwick Brown says: TAFE's role in education needs to cover that which is not appropriate for the private sector.
Max Hosgood says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Bruce Bamey says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Jane Sullivan says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Christian says: Stop TAFE cuts!
Stephen Dwyer says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
John Kearney says: TAFE has been a fantastic institution providing real opportunity for Australian. Why destroy it through privatisation. Trust me I have seen the private (profit driven) providers and quality is not part of the agenda. Keep TAFE Safe and Secure. Think about your vote.
Mark Davies says: My oten fees increased by about $1500 this year. The service is poor and subject notes are out of date. No other RTOs offer the course I'm doing.
Timothy Baker says: I support a strong well founded Australian education system, including TAFE
Christopher Wood says: Politician cuts not TAFE cuts
Karim says: Stop TAFE cuts in NSW
Morgan says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Gordon Chirgwin says: It is extremely short-sighted to continue cutting TAFE funding and to load more onto the students. It is society's responsibility to educate - not just a private responsibility. I am strongly opposed to the recent TAFE cuts and the privatisation of education on practical grounds. We fail ourselves and our future citizens by these shortsighted actions.
Rebecca Cramp says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Heidi Brown says: The TAFE system provides a valuable training pathway that benefits the whole community, not just the students who undertake the courses. Support for TAFE, and accessible education and training, is critical to the future success of NSW.
J Brett says: Liberals destroying Australia. Recent door knock from dismissed TAFE teacher, not canvassing for business for his new private employer and quoting TAFE government funding via TAFE
Krishna Rajaratnam says: Education is a sector we should think carefully before it is privatised. What is the motive of private companies other than to make a profit? How is it possible that a private company has the public good in mind when the driver is the profit motive?
Katie says: I have a 5000 dollar VetFeeHelp debt, but still not even enrolled due to system issues! Due to budget cuts, i have to print pages & pages of 'essential' documents at home because tafe doesnt have funding for that. What is my $5000 going towards?
Zahra Levin says: Supporting the campaign.
Larissa Stone says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Paul Titze says: Stop the TAFE cuts
Cindy Robinson says: When I hear that funding cuts result in a drop in face to face teaching time by between 10 and 30% I wonder about the implications for students, employers and the general public. I know that the TAFE teachers are professional and will try to maximise efficiencies to ensure that all important concepts and learning experiences are provided in the shorter time frame. But isn't unfair on the students, because they now have to learn more in less time?
Fiona Davis says: Do not increase fees for TAFE - makes no real sense.
Daniel Orr says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Francine says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Kim Ryder says: TAFE needs to be preserved to offer genuine training for job seekers. It has been reported that private colleges are signing students to inflated fees supported by the taxpayer that the student will probably never be able to repay. The private courses have degraded the Cert II, Cert III and Diploma qualification.
Christine says: With all the changes including going from parenting payment to newstart and then a reduction in Family Tax Benefit, how are people who haven't worked for a long time supposed to get qualifications to re-enter the workforce???
Vicky Nguyen says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Bill Morgan says: As an Horologist, I am very disappointed this is happening - another trade will be lost if the government is successful.
Ian Graham says: Running a Business and trying to increase my education to employ another staff member has led me to the point of paying $7k for a cert 3. That means I will not be creating a job until the whole in filled in. Good on you Baird. Stealing Aussie Jobs Off Aussies
T Turner says: TAFE supplies quality training, is (was) not set up with a profit motive, MUST remain in the hands of government, and MUST be supported by government. Eduction FOR THE PEOPLE, by an organisation dedicated to education and training, supported by government that was voted in to protect and service the interests OF THE PEOPLE!!!
Cath Blakey says: 1 year of TAFE gave me my start in employment. I can't believe it's going to be harder for younger people to get the same access to training and education - that's just not right. The Coalition government's policies are unfair.
Katrina Hines says: I'm currently at TAFE studying a cert 2 in community services. I aim to continue to go on to a cert 3, 4, then diploma in social work. I'm disgusted to find out that I only get a concession rate up to the cert 3, the price jump for a cert 4 and diploma is adding yet another barrier to me reaching my goals. I started at TAFE in 2012 through TAFE outreach, and the supported environment was perfect and imperative for me gaining confidence. I saw many trouble peers who also massively and life changingly benefited from the course. Cuts to outreach, impacting vulnerable young people is appalling. My brother also has down Sydnrome, is on the DSP, and he could not do the TAFE course he wanted this year because of the cost. STOP TAFE CUTS.
payam says: That is the worst decision made by government. They must pay for education otherwise its hard to afford and put pressure on students and their family..
Justine Penny says: Regional areas especially NEED TAFE. Hands off Mike Baird. You deserve to lose your job for even suggesting this. Stop the cuts & allow everyone the opportunity to learn.
Natalie Munro says: We need Tafes they provide a fantastic service of learning for our local residents.
melanie reberger says: When first leaving high school I was determined to get to uni and had a lot of dreams, unfortunately I needed to work as my dad was very ill and I studied at tafe at night, giving me an alternate I could afford. I did progress in my work and I now have a masters degree. Everyone deserves an education no matter what their financial situation is .
JIAQI XU says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Beth Phelan says: TAFE provides so many wonderful learning opportunities - we need a comprehensive and strong TAFE system - stop the cuts!
Raphael Byron says: My jeweler tells me that funding is to be cut to the only jewellery making course in Australia If this happens the whole future of the profession will be in doubt Please reconsider this step
Paul Day says: Stop TAFE cuts
Danielle Macpherson says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Lyndal Page says: Best resource and infrastructure is already established with teachers, staff, programs and good education in the State TAFE System. It enables those individuals not ready and don't have the capacity to access a higher level of education to feel more secure in the knowledge they are receiving the best tuition through TAFE with a view to securing a job. As I have been unemployed recently and been with a job service provider and found most to be incapable of finding me a decent job, and any training offered to assist was well under par. I through my own initiative started studying a course at TAFE this was supported then by a local job service provider who recognised the value of their local TAFE. Since then I found my own job in the TAFE system have decided to defer my studies but am more than likely going to utilise the TAFE system again to develop my skills through doing at TAE course, hopefully with a view to teaching in the TAFE system if it is still viable. This course however has not been approved for low income earners and no fee subsidy for this course is available however. It has an upfront fee. The standard of private companies and other training organisations are taking advantage of vast amounts of subsidised funding from the state govt with so many loopholes, and not providing credible enough education to ensure a job at the end. Unemployed and unskilled people are very vulnerable and will easily be led. The TAFE system provides are more secure future and offers current and relevant training supported by many years in the business and employs teachers, administrative staff and education support people with the most reliable skills and accreditation. The system has policies across the board that can more easily be adhered to and have greater transparency. Whereas the private companies are all about the money and will compete with marketing strategies that make them sound better than they actually are. Where is their transparency, such an age old problem will we never learn. This is the reality and recently reported by Four Corners on the ABC. I was so pleasantly surprised by this as I have already made a complaint to the Department of Employment myself about how I felt I wasn't being supported enough by the job service providers across the board. There appeared to be very little transparency in how they were actually helping me and was told it was up to the disgression of the Job Service provider. If not for some dedicated individuals in the Job Service industry and private training organisations with their fingers on the pulse, and genuinely dedicated to the cause of helping individuals I applaud them. But I fear that they are too, very frustrated at the mismanagement and wraughting of the system, it is indeed a competitive market. Now head teachers here at TAFE instead of getting on with the business of teaching have to drum up business and also to be competitive, and less subsidised education simply drives people away and these are people that are more likely to attend TAFE in the first place as they are generally more under privileged. Regs Lyndal Page
Sana says: I simply can't believe this is happening. How a $1400 1 year course gets to $13000. Young Australians can't afford the education, but can't afford not to get educated.
Sarah Schoupp says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Jason says: TAFE cuts make more people lose the opportunities to learn new skills to change their career.
Viiu Jaaniste says: The recent incompetent actions of the Liberal government are motivated by the aim to destroy the wonderful public system of education provided by TAFE. In privatising the system, there will be many losers - the students who are losing their courses, and who will discover the standard and quality of education has declined dramatically, and the teachers, who will lose their jobs. Shame on the Liberal government!
Deb Shearman says: My sons attend TAFE at present and this resource is a service for all young people where school is not an option.
Ainsley says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
marie glykid says: Education should be a right NOT a privilege! Return to the days where tafe was free education or a nominal amount!
jay says: Tafe is too good to lose

TAFE institutions around Australia are struggling under the impact of state budget cuts, and underfunding.

Courses are being cut, student fees have risen, campuses are closing and teachers are losing their jobs.

Communities across the country are rallying to support their highly regarded, world-class TAFE system.


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