February 22, 2014

The Benefits of TAFE

By A Concerned TAFE Graduate

  1. TAFE provides students the opportunity to pursue employment opportunities. Surely any responsible government would want people to seek employment instead of relying on welfare benefits therefore any government should support the value of high quality vocational education.
  2. TAFE provides students with an opportunity to pursue University level courses. TAFE has provided many valuable alternatives for students to be able to articulate to university. Despite the fact that students may have failed their high school studies, TAFE has provided a rich range of alternative pathways to university. Besides getting a diploma or an advance diploma to get into a uni degree, other programs such as the Tertiary Preparation Certificate and many other courses that provide a bridging pathway to university has mad it more possible for students to articulate into higher education at a university.
  3. TAFE has provided excellent support for students who often experience difficulties due to a disability. Surely any government would not want to make life more difficult for the disable who do need special assistance in their studies so that they can still reach their career aspirations despite their disability.
  4. TAFE provides high quality affordable education and training which is considered to be the envy of the world. Not only is investment in education good policy for community needs, but it is also an excellent policy to fulfil the needs of education institutions because what makes an economy so great does come down to highly skilled workers who impact on the outcomes of businesses, surely governments would want businesses to grow, develop and prosper because of being able to rely on highly skilled workers.
  5. Teachers provide a very useful insight into the industry that they are familliar with. Teachers have valuable knowledge and industry experience that can be shared with TAFE students, who can learn from qualified TAFE teachers who help their students into the right direction for their career aspirations.

People deserve the right to a Fair Go to receive a decent education.

We don't need delusional economic liberalism. It's proven that TAFE in Victoria has been badly impacted, why imitate devastating policies?