13 September, 2017

Does your MP support guaranteed funding for TAFE

By the Stop TAFE Cuts Team

The TAFE sector is the lowest funded education sector and funding has declined by more than 24% since 2008. As privatization of the sector has increased, and as more and more government funding has gone to private for profit providers, fees have escalated - by more than 245% (from $4060 in 2009 to $14,018 in 2015.)

The Stop TAFE Cuts campaign has campaigned against government funding going to an untrustworthy private for-profit sector, and have argued that the only way we can rebuild TAFE and secure its future is to guarantee a minimum 70% government funding to TAFE colleges.

In a significant step forward for the campaign, the ALP federally has announced a guarantee of at least two thirds of public vocational education funding for TAFE, and an additional $637.6 million invested into TAFE and vocational education – reversing the government’s 2017 cuts in full.

We believe the Federal Government should match – and improve – Labor’s commitment. But the Turnbull Government offers little hope for TAFE. The 2017 Federal Budget cut spending on vocational education by 9.7% over the next year. Spending on vocational education will be $70 million lower in 2020/21 than it was in 2016/17.

We want all politicians who support TAFE to sign the guaranteed funding pledge. A minimum 70% or two thirds of VET funding will secure TAFE’s future.

To do this, we are asking supporters around the country to make an appointment with their local MPs (state or federal) and ask them to sign our funding guarantee poster, and take a photo.

Because TAFE funding is both a federal and state issue, we want politicians at all levels to sign the guarantee. So you can approach Federal or State politicians, from the upper or lower houses, and from any political party.

All you need to do is organise a meeting with your local politician, take a copy of our funding guarantee poster and ask them to sign it. If they do, make sure to take a quick photo of them holding the poster so we can add it to the gallery of supportive politicians on our website.

Everything you need to get involved in this activity is available on our website.

Our first week of this campaign has been a great success with 10 politicians signing our guarantee.

Thanks to Senator Doug Cameron, Senator Lee Rhiannon, Prue Car, Anna Watson, Tim Crakanthorp, Shaoquett Moselmane, Greg Warren, Guy Zangari, Julia Finn, Ernest Wong, Yasmin Catley, David Harris, Liesl Tesch, David Mehan, Jenny Aitchison, Jodi McKay, Jihad Dib, Trish Doyle and Jo Haylen for getting involved.

Guaranteed funding would give Australia’s TAFE institutions certainty into the future.

We need your help to get the commitment of your local representatives.