May 27, 2018

Get involved in National TAFE Day

By The Stop TAFE Cuts team

National TAFE Day is being held on Tuesday 19 June! If you’re reading this just prior to TAFE Day, or even on TAFE Day it’s not too late to get involved in the celebrations!Here are 7 ways to get involved.

Hold a morning tea or BBQ

If you still have a bit of time up your sleeve, it’s not too late to organise a morning tea or BBQ at your campus to celebrate National TAFE Day. You can download a poster from our website to spread the word, and encourage your colleagues and students to sign up to the campaign website as well as talking about why TAFE is too good to lose.

Call or email your MP

One of the most valuable contributions you can make to the campaign is to call or email your Federal MP.Tell them it is National TAFE Day and explain why TAFE is important to you and your community. Remember to ask them to sign our Funding Guarantee!

Photo with colleagues

You could do this activity in conjunction with a morning tea or BBQ, or on its own.Gather some colleagues together and take photo out the front of your TAFE with some Stop TAFE Cuts signs. Send your photo to us so we can add it to the collection on the website.


If you can’t quite muster up a crowd, or you’re not on campus – send us through a selfie with our “Guarantee 70% VET Funding for TAFE” sign. Post it on social media on National TAFE Day – make sure to use the hashtag #StopTAFECuts so we can find it!

Order an activist kit

Head to the website and you can request an activist kit.It has posters, signs, fact sheets, funding information and much more!Whether you receive your kit before or after TAFE Day, it’s a great way to get more information and start to get active in the campaign.

Find and share the campaign on social media

We will be posting lots on the Stop TAFE Cuts Facebook page and the @TAFECampaign Twitter account in the lead up to TAFE Day. And we hope to share lots of photos from around the country on TAFE Day. Make sure you’ve liked and followed us so you can see what’s going on.And please make sure to hit those share and retweet buttons to spread the word!

Share this blopost

When you’ve finished reading this – please share on social media to spread the word about National TAFE Day!

Of course you’re not limited to these ideas! Any way you want to mark the day, please go ahead.Just make sure to send us a photos!

We hope you have a wonderful National TAFE Day!

TAFE students the big losers as the market agenda rolls on

TAFE students the big losers as the market agenda rolls on

In the last few weeks, there were several stories in the mainstream media which shone a light on the debacle unfolding in the TAFE system in Australia. The Australian ran a story called “Graphic illustration of fee madness” about the escalation of fees for higher level qualifications in TAFE in the ACT - $27,000 for an Advanced Diploma in Graphic Design. It also ran a story about “providers” – public and private - “gaming” the VET system in Victoria by inflating study loads in order to increase government funding.
The most expensive TAFE Course in Australia?

The most expensive TAFE Course in Australia?

This issue came to light recently when my son received a notice from CIT advising him that his debt from semester one of the Diploma of Graphic Design course was $7,128. This prompted a detailed investigation of the fees, and comparison with other course providers.
A TAFE story ...

A TAFE story ...

Today, in my role as a Social Worker I needed to liaise with the head of department at one of our major TAFEs regarding a student who was having a lot of difficulty.
Why the new Rudd government needs to stand up for TAFE

Why the new Rudd government needs to stand up for TAFE

The Federal Government and incoming Minister Brendan O’Connor need to decide what to do with Commonwealth VET Partnership funding for NSW and Victoria. Twelve months ago, then Federal Minister for Tertiary Education, Chris Evans took a stand against recalcitrant state governments to stop them cutting funding to TAFE institutes, and refused to pass on Partnership funding. What is at stake is more than $560M of Commonwealth funding to NSW over the next five years, and more than $430M to Victoria.
Teaching for 30 Years

Teaching for 30 Years

As a representative of the people of Queensland and current minister in the Queensland government I call on you to justify the actions of your department in attempting to negotiate working conditions that devalue the professional status of my role as a teacher.