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Kevin Mooney says: Stop TAFE Cuts Now!
Ricky says: The cuts are a joke
Greer says: Stop TAFE Cuts Now!
Wayne Bourne says: Stop TAFE cuts now. TAFE education is very important to many Australians. We need a viable TAFE to produce good tradespeople.
Sarah Parr says: Stop TAFE cuts, now!
Cath Connor says: Restore TAFE to its peak funding levels. An then add some!
Fiona Morris says: No more TAFE cuts!
Daphne Dunphy says: The education of those students who qualify for TAFE but don't reach uni entrance is at risk. This includes many adults returning to education. The community needs TAFE
Kathy Evans says: Stop TAFE Cuts Now!
Harry Moate says: My local high schools rely heavily on their TafeSA partnerships for VET delivery and in some cases to disadvantaged adult groups in the community. Our TafeSA partnerships are highly valued and needed.
Megan McGinn says: Stop tafe cuts
Peter Geelan-Small says: Stop TAFE Cuts Now!
mike birch says: Stop TAFE Cuts Now!
Denis Hay says: Increase funding to TAFE and do away with private training organisations.
Kristie Hedley says: An untrained and unskilled workforce can only end in a doomed economy.
Rawah says: Stop TAFE Cuts Now!
sandeep ahuja says: FREE TAFE EDUCATION FOR ALL.
Robert Dodgson says: TAFE is a part of Oz
Anthony Rowell says: Stop TAFE cuts
curtis hewson says: Stop TAFE Cuts Now!
Dean Welsh says: Stop TAFE Cuts Now!
Kane Shadbolt says: Stop TAFE Cuts Now!
Amber Evans says: Tafe is too important to keep losing funds
Julia gross says: Stop TAFE Cuts Now!
Elaine Gillespie says: Stop TAFE Cuts Now!
Lily says: Stop TAFE Cuts Now!
Kim says: Stop TAFE cuts now
Helen says: Stop TAFE Cuts Now!
Peter Rohl says: Stop TAFE Cuts Now!
Cody De Silva says: Stop TAFE Cuts Now!
allison says: Stop TAFE Cuts Now!
Noelene Grace says: Stop TAFE Cuts Now!
J Colby says: STOP TAFE Cuts Now!
Aga Primasto says: Stop TAFE Cuts!
Amar Elnour says: Stop TAFE Cuts Now!
Miao WANG says: I'm against TAFE Cuts
Isaac says: Stop TAFE Cuts Now!
Sonu says: My dad did his Diploma and fees was under $400, now we pay in thousands for the same course but less hours/week and less by atleast two semesters . The worst is no pre-requisite for any of current courses that leads the teachers deal with enormous pressure. Education is for country’s future... don’t cut corners and make money out of us.. If you follow current tend you are planning for generation of morons... downfall for the country.
Chris Loch says: Vocational education is vital for many low socio-economic students. Give them a trade, and they stand a shot at full-time employment over their life. They might even decide to do Uni if that is their want. But to hobble TAFE makes it much harder to transition into work.
Jon Stanger says: Stop TAFE Cuts Now!
Celeste leishman says: Stop tafe cuts education is more important than a lot of other things
Marie says: Stop TAFE Cuts Now!
DAvid Lovell says: Stop TAFE Cuts Now!
Mark Green says: Stop Tafe cuts
Helen Magnussen says: When you no longer offer courses to students/communities who are unable to be assessed is a sad day in our history because it’s about the bottom line. TAFE used to be about so much more than just giving job skills. Funding cuts have torn the heart out of this institution.
Alex Craig says: Stop TAFE Cuts Now!
Domingo Palazon says: Stop TAFE Cuts now. it's the best alternative to University. TAFE has had a lot more courses that are career relevant. Its the best-registered Training Organisation in Australia. all other Registered Training Organisations are not as good. Without TAFE there would be a lot of unemployment.
apodimos tserigotis says: restore TAFE funding.
Anna McGrath says: Stop TAFE Cuts Now!
Guaranteeing a minimum 70% of VET funding
for TAFE will give Australia's TAFE institutions
certainty into the future

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