National TAFE Day - 13 June 2017


Get involved on National TAFE Day and call your local MP. Let them know that you think they should support a guarantee of 70% VET funding to TAFE and that TAFE is too good to lose. Check out our factsheets to  get prepared, and make sure you check out our handy tips for calling or visiting politicians.



National TAFE Day is a chance to celebrate the achievements of our TAFE system. Get creative, and organise something to mark the day. In previous years morning teas, BBQs, concerts, rallies and lobbying excursions have been popular. The main thing is to get Stop TAFE Cuts supporters together! Download our poster to help advertise your event. We'd love it if you'd take a photo of your gathering (with Guarantee 70% VET funding for TAFE signs of course) and send it to us!